Improv is Great for Business

Learn communication & collaboration techniques used by world renowned improvisers to enhance workplace performance.

Improv International

Improv transforms your team into…


Active Listeners

Creative Collaborators

Dynamic Communicators

Compassionate Team Players

And More!

Our high-energy, authentic improv experiences are engaging, effective, and insert joke here.

Improv International

Team Growth Through Laughter

Let’s get real for a moment. Most team building experiences miss the mark. They’re too expensive. Cheesy. Ineffective. Sometimes all of the above. 

So how do you find an activity that’s going to be fun for the whole team, keep everyone engaged, stay within budget, and offer lasting results?

Hi. We’re Improv International.

A collective of world-renowned improvisers and comedic writers on a mission to enhance workplace performance by sharing the principles of improv with the world.

Everyone can use a little Self-IMPROVment.

Improv Comedy Classes

Why is improv good for business?

Improvisational comedy is the art of creating unscripted comedy “in the moment.” To do this, performers are taught a unique method of communicating through consistent agreement, the law of “Yes And.”

Learning how to communicate like an improviser has exactly 1 billion positive side effects — some of which are undeniably helpful in the business world.

When applied to the workplace, the fundamentals of improv cultivate productivity, creativity, emotional intelligence, soft skills, and provide a universal language for your corporate culture. Improv makes individual employees better human BEings.

Let Improv International be your company’s comedic relief.

Improv International is your one-stop comedy shop for corporate improv experiences.

We do everything from team-building to curated performances for large corporate events.

Our experiences are tailored to help individuals and teams overcome some of the most challenging issues in the modern workplace. We offer in person and virtual sessions.

Improv International

Improv International offers personal and team development experiences that enhance productivity, creativity, agreement, and connectivity in the workplace — so you can dissolve the “I” in TEIAM.

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Let’s inspire your team together. Get in touch to book your experience.

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