Hi. We’re Improv International.

…more like IMPROVE International, amirite?

Improv International was founded in 2020 to do what we love most — laugh on the job.

We are a team of world-renowned improvisers, facilitators, and comedy writers who have mastered the art of growth through improv.

And now we’re on a mission to share these secrets, and we can’t do it without you.

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Our improv experiences…

Inspire Employees 

With powerful personal growth techniques that will serve them at work and beyond.

Encourage Creativity

By helping colleagues become better listeners, better collaborators, and better people through the power of “Yes, And.”

Increase Productivity

By creating a more engaging and fulfilling work environment with laughter, connection, and presence.

Our Story

One fateful evening in Las Vegas, Nevada, Abi and her friends attended the Magic Mike Live show where Lyndsay was the host. After the show, Abi and Lyndsay were introduced by a mutual friend. The two struck up a conversation and realized they had a mutual appreciation for improv comedy and the knowledge that improv fundamentals can change the world, specifically the workplace. 

Abi told Lyndsay a story that night, about how improv changed her life. During Abi’s time at Google she felt pressured to be “the best” and how difficult it is to be on top of her game every single day. Working at Google came with a lot of competition and stress and she wanted to “get out of her head” but didn’t know how. Around that time, Google hosted an improv workshop for Abi’s team, the benefits of which she found so profound that she pursued improv classes outside of work. 

The soft skills and communications tools Abi learned through improv classes furthered her professional development, helped her to cope with the everyday stress and anxiety of her high pressure job, and taught her to “get out of her head.” “To be at the top and also a team player is extremely difficult and necessary and that is a skill we teach at Improv International. It seems counterintuitive until it isn’t.” – Abi 

Lyndsay felt the sincerity in Abi’s appreciation for improv as a tool for professional development. As someone who started her career by performing and teaching improv comedy all over the world, Lyndsay had experienced first hand the transformational power of improv. Lyndsay also immediately recognized the badass business woman in Abi, so Lyndsay stayed in touch. 

The conversation turned into action. The two realized how complementary their skills were and how many other people are having the same problems and experiences and they began to ground their common interest with mission statements and plans. 

With Abi’s passion for business, marketing and employee engagement and Lyndsay’s improv background, the two set out to develop a company that would engage employees in a meaningful way using the foundations of improv. Thus, Improv International was born. 

Hi. We are Abi and Lyndsay, co-founders of Improv International. We are on a mission to laugh on the job and to help you do the same. 

We have a combined 35 years of experience in our respective industries, Abi having 15 years in corporate America (Google) and Lyndsay having 20 years experience in live performance. (Co-Writer and Host of Magic Mike Live, iO, The Second City National Touring Company) and we are passionate about improv as a tool for personal and team development. 

We feel like there has never been a better time for improv to hit corporate America than NOW. Let Improv International bring laughter and presence to your company. We look forward to working with you.

Are You Ready to Improv Your Business?

We’ve mastered the hardest of soft skills — and we’re ready to pass them on to you and your team.

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