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Improv Strategies to Unlock Creative Potential

Is your team recycling the same boring ideas? Do they need a kick in the creative pants? Then…

“Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure… IMAGINNOVATION.”

You are correct. “Imaginnovation” wasn’t a word… UNTIL NOW. And that’s exactly what this experience will teach your team to do… IMMAGINOVATE. 

Smash through creative roadblocks and pave the way for some glorious improv “ah-ha” moments. 

Learn How To:

“YES, AND” the Ideas of Others 

Protect the Brainstorming Process

Generate Fresh Team Ideas 


Create Flow as a Team

The result? A team that flows together to create dynamic, consistent, and innovative results. Get out of your head and into your Imaginnovation.

Improv Strategies for Dynamic Communication

You: “Did you know that, on average, a person only hears and retains 10% of what is said to them?”

Me: “What?”

All partial jokes aside, that stat is true, and we haven’t done any studies but we’re pretty sure having all of our conversations through a computer isn’t improving that percentage.

This improv experience will illuminate how much you haven’t been listening to anyone. It will be infuriating, but helpful.

Learn How To: 

Actually Actively Listen

Connect with Your Listeners

Build Momentum Inside of Conversations


Foster Solution-Oriented Conversations

You will more about your team members in this one experience than you ever wanted to. But in a good way.

At the very least you’ll start hearing 11% of what was said to you — we guarantee it.

Improv Strategies for Storytelling and Presentations Skills

Once upon a time, there was a mid-level employee that participated in a storytelling and presentation experience from Improv International, and…

Sign up for this experience to hear the riveting conclusion!

Want to create presentations that are memorable, inspire more customers to try your product, or just feel more confident in daily conversations?

We will teach you how to leverage the power of storytelling — a skill with endless real world applications.

Learn How To:

Tell Captivating and Relatable Stories

Create the “Logline” for Your Personal Story

Find and Developing Your Unique Voice


Command a Room with Concise Communication

The skills from this experience will enhance your sales pitches, help you engage with coworkers and employees, and even make your email recipients hang…on…every…word.

Improv Strategies to Boost Team Mojo

Is your team struggling with FUN? Did they lose that third-date spark? Are you not meeting deadlines because you lack motivation? Also… ZOOMTIGUE.

It’s time to bounce back to life!

Reinvigorate your team dynamic with this phenomenal, fast paced virtual experience that we humbly refer to as, “The Mother Of All Virtual Offerings Online Anywhere, Guaranteed.”

There’s a saying in the improv world: “Inspiration follows connection. They are 2nd cousins.”

This experience will supercharge your team with renewed excitement and appreciation as we reconnect them to their work and their team on a deeper level than ever before.

Learn How To:

Raise Team Mojo

Connect Deeply with Team Members

Be Inspired by Everything and Everyone


Live by the mantra, “If you aren’t having fun you are the A**Ho*e.”

Once your team is given the opportunities to rebuild connections, the inspiration floodgates will be opened.

Get ready for a burst of energy like you’ve never seen before!

Improv Strategies for Conflict Resolution

Are you having difficult conversations with difficult clients? Do you feel like Tony just stole your idea and took all the credit?

Improv for Conflict Resolution teaches the skills improvisers use when confronted with conflict in scenes.

Unify your team, enhance agreement centered collaboration and provide your team with the tools to defuse and resolve existing conflict.

Learn How To:

Seek Agreement Versus Conflict

Listen and Be Heard

Root for the Success of Others and Mean It


Care About Good Ideas that Don’t Come From You

(We wish we were joking about that last one, but NOPE.)

Create a space for your team to fall in love all over again and up-level team dynamics.

The result? A team that plays nicely with one another, actively listens, and collaborates without the “I” in teiam.

Customize Your Experience

Are you the kind of person who likes to mix your peas and your mashed potatoes?

Want a little bit of everything?

Does your team have a unique need we haven’t addressed?

Just because we didn’t list it here doesn’t mean we can’t create a unique improv experience to meet your needs.

Contact us today. We can’t wait to “Yes, And” whatever you’ve got going on.

We help companies by helping their employees build fundamental skills such as …

Active Listening


Effective Communication


Speaking with Confidence

Thinking on Your Feet

Influencing a Room

Leading with Authenticity

Ready to book your experience?

Let’s get inspired. Contact us for questions and to book your experience.

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